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    Can I use Cohui Seaming Adhesives on Corian@,Staron@,Hi-macs@?
    Yes,Cohui Seaming Adhesive is created for pure acrylic, solid surface, modified acrylic surface, quartz surface, engineered stone and other surfacing materials. It has a unique combination to be strong on bonding part which makes Cohui seaming adhesive competitive to others. You could call us at +86-769-89807280(24 hours available)if unsure which adhesive color should use or email

    Which features make Cohui Seaming Adhesives superior to others?

    1. Bonding Strength

    Cohui Seaming Adhesives has been testing by professional strength testing machine,

    at the same conditions , its bonding strength is stronger more than 3-5Mpa compared with others adhesives.

    2. Cure time

    We are offer two types to meet our customers requirements.

    Fast cure type:10-15minutes at 24℃

    General Type: 20 ~ 30 minutes at 24℃

    3. Precise color matching

    For various colors of solid surface, and quartz stone, we track and do precise color matching upon your surface samples from each bulk.

    How long can I get the goods from order?

    For common colors from Cohui Colors Systerm, we can send out with one or two days,by air express 3-5days upon your location. For particular colors,we can send out within 3-5days from order confirm.If you are urgent, contact us and our sales staffs will arrange for you in advance.

    How is the shelf life of Cohui Seaming Adhesive?

    Cohui adhesive store at the Room-temperature in a cool and dry place or fridge, avoid from direct sunlight that shelf life is 12 months. The Shelf life can be exceed of two years from the manufacture date which require to constant temperature store between 12.7℃(55℉)~24℃(75℉). For effect its best performance, we advice to use within 6-12 months from manufacture date. Elevated temperatures will reduce the shelf life. It`s good way if store the adhesive in a refrigeration between 12.7℃(55℉)~24℃(75℉). Do not freeze.


    How can I get the matchable adhesives of my solid surface or quartz stone?


    Please contact our sales staff and let us know your solid surface brand and code.

    We can help assist you in choosing adhesive colors from Cohui Colors Systerm.

    If you have a particular color, our colors formulation department will formulate a custom color for best matching upon your surface samples. We have extensive experiences to tint and match almost any colors covering major and private brands including solid surface, quartz stone.


    How much is it?


    We provide superior quality adhesive with reasonable cost. We do not sacrifice material quality cost or long-term customer service to compromise for low cost inferior-quality product. We are adhered to keep on developing innovative and solutions to meet our customers' needs , also maximize value of your products.


    How do I place a order?


    You can reach us by Phone, Fax, Email and we will help you to do a convenient way for your order as soon as possible.

    Phone: 86-769-89807280 (available 24 hours)

    Tel:+86 769 33306117 86-769-33232370 86-769-33890013(working time)