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    COHUI series of high-performance methacrylate adhesives for modern engineering plastics, composites, metals and other new materials, high-performance structural adhesive and then, it is not like ordinary adhesives and other bonding method, a large area of the surface treatment or polishing, and do not ask for these Techwise adhesive, no surface treatment, Techwise structural adhesives can be applied to a variety of work time and hardening time, designed to replace the original fixed manner to create beautiful and high-quality products.


    • A variety of working time and curing time to adapt to the various aspects of the application
    • Liquidity is good, but does not sag, sealing up to 35mm maximum
    • New materials for a variety of adhesive and composite materials
    • High strength, good durability and fatigue resistance


    Color: Beige
    Operating time: 3 minutes
    Features and application: a thermoplastic resin, used for metal, composites and engineering plastics Village and bonding.