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    Mildew Proof King is developed with COHUI functional proprietary technology. It is a structural Mildew Proof adhesive to fasten rapidly at room temperature.It features a high thixotropic index , does not sag , for facade construction and fill the gap , 100% totally cured , does not contain any solvents, zero mildew and other characteristics.
    Ingredients: Polymer -modified epoxy resin.


    •Used for seaming the cover and seams on or around the cabinet ,sink ,stick .
    •Used for Kitchen counter ,kitchen stoves ,water retaining ,sink sealing and adhesion ; used for stinkpot ,wash basin , shower room ,ceiling, doors and windows bonding and sealing .
    •Used for ceramic tile seaming ,seed line edge and hotel's Mildew proof ,water proof and sealing .

    Application materials

    Aluminum, stainless steel ,artificial stone, marble, natural stone , wood and so on .

    Technical Information

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    Mildew Proof King

    Excellent Performance

    •100% cured, zero volatile, non-toxic and tasteless, permanent, not moldy, not black, can be paint
    •No shrinkage, high gloss, high hardness, waterproof, mildew
    •Non-yellowing, It can be used for indoor and outdoor long-term
    •No shrinkage, high gloss, high hardness, waterproof, mildew proof after curing
    •Yellowing resistance
    •Ageing resistance
    •Low temperature resistance
    •High temperature resistance

    Normal cure time is 24 hours, Construction of cold weather could be slow curing.
    Our enterprise has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification
    Execution standards: Q/SCHMS2015051001
    Mandatory standards:GB/T 18583