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    CHE-666 High Strength
    It is a one-component structural Mildew Proof adhesive. It is especially suitable for bonding in a larger gap. It features a high thixotropic index, does not sag, 100% totally cured, does not contain any solvents, zero mildew, environmental friendly odorless.

    It is apply to a variety of materials, such as metal, plastic, fiber reinforced composite materials, ceramics, glass, stone and wood, etc. It exhibits toughness, resist compression, crack-resistance.

    Fix-All Bonding Sink:
    Quickly locate to achieve the fixedness without the fasteners for extrinsic reinforcement, Strong bonding strength. Change the traditional glass reinforced plastic fasteners way, solve technology problems, high cost, the cracking of glass, plastic mold caused by water leakage and other problems.

    Fix-All Bonding pad strip:
    Apply to bond the stone mat strips, aluminum pad strip, strip steel mat, PP mat strips etc and other materials. Change the traditional method of bonding stone pad strip, without mixture ratio, stirring, Strong initial bonding strength, and can absorb shock stress, without mixing and reduce waste.

    Fix-All Bonding wall mounted accessories:   Bonding wall mounted shelf, tumbler holder,towel rail,robe hook,
    glass shelf,soap dish and other bathroom accessories.



    High Strength
    Strong initial adhesion
    Resist compression

    Environment Friendly

    Color: White