Technical Zone

  • 1. Seamless Bonding technology on solid surface
  • 2. Quartz Stone Fabrication Processing
  • 3. Select Adhesives Upon Different Surfacing Materials
  • 4. Adhesive Notes
  • Seamless Bonding technology on solid surface

    Crop:cut in straight or curved way, using a cutting machine to complete.

    Drilling:Use an electric drill and cutting machine can complete opening hose bit, bit lines, sink or wash basin and embedded appliances and so on.

    Trimming:All edges are completed by woodworking trimmer, simply switch to a different tool bit, All edgings immediately come into reality.

    Bonding: Cohui seaming adhesives are used in connection and assembly on acrylic, polyester artificial stone and quartz stone , Surfacing materials can enable for bonding sheets, trim, retaining, sinks, basin, etc.Cohui seaming adhesives, its colors transparent, it can be tinted colors according to the surface material color palette, present highly color compatibility.

    Polished:The joints can be polished by sander or hand sanding with sandpaper No. 100-180-320-400-600-1000 polished and then to remove small blemishes.

    Polish:Polish all the surface sheets to be smooth, use polishing machine with an appropriate amount of wax polish, allows the board bright as a mirror.

    Seamless Bonding technology on solid surface