Technical Zone

  • 1. Seamless Bonding technology on solid surface
  • 2. Quartz Stone Fabrication Processing
  • 3. Select Adhesives Upon Different Surfacing Materials
  • 4. Adhesive Notes
  • Installation and Joint Quartz Process

    1. Joint

    1-1 Understand drawing before joining the single sheet of plastic, understand the relationship between the engaged and the entire mesa tops and receive the required glue block countertops, straight edge and the leading edge of the material.

    1-2 Use the matchable colors of cohui seaming adhesive to bond

    1-3 When using cohui seaming adhesives, shall do it at ratio of 10: 1 ratio, and stir completely, shall not add a large number of the curing agent which affects fastness and color variation.

    1-4 To joint directly,the bonging surface should be clean thoroughly and dry with a smooth surface, to check the flatness of the back of a large plate. If necessary, it can be slightly modified angle grinder. Clean and dry the surface, applying cohui adhesive evenly to the bottom edge of the panel within 15mm, the straight edge on the plastic strip placed around rubbing, extrusion air, using a jig with a rubber hammer with moderate force to the straight edge of the clip is aligned with the large plate. Clip placed every 5-10 cm, to be behind the semi-dry clear plastic overflow. After the edge of the bonding is completed (after drying), use the same color adhesive bonding quartz stone reinforcement material so that the straight edge connected to the plate surface, and finally with clips lined with adhesive strips of wood bonded to the flat plate.

    1-5 Edge engages the leading edge of the first to use quartz stone reinforced plastic material, in accordance with the straight edge glued edge method is fixedly connected to the bottom plate surface, evenly quartz stone after glue dry glue on the leading edge of the back, using moderate force with a rubber hammer to the front edge of the edge using a small blade to scrape glue overflow when the adhesive has a good reinforcement material connected firmly to ensure the close integration of retaining outstanding line of flatness and seamless, semi-dry to be plastic and, finally accompanied by a clip with a glass-lined wood glue to smooth bonded to the board. (Flat style)

    1-6. Under Basin Processing

    Under Basin hole after a good start, a test of the basin edge first appearance will be polished, then glue the quartz stone basin edge in close conjunction with the table (note overflow, drain direction) with a clean cloth to wipe the surface of the overflow of glue Finally, the remainder with the same colored plastic material (strip) quartz reinforced at the bottom.

    1-7 Before quartz stone countertops Gum engagement respond bottom cleaning process then placed the order, to ensure that wood or wood plate gasket strip closely integrated with the table, the contact surface and some glue, smooth seamless. When using a jig with necessary fixtures use a straight edge engaging see specifications, before, during and after equidistant paste wood, to be the eradication of excess glue residue when about to dryness with colored plastic.

    2. Site construction and installation

    2-1 Site have installed appliances (hood, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator) and other valuables first with the film affixing tape to protect.

    2-2 With a spirit level to check the flatness of the field kitchen, the installation must ensure that the bottom surface absolutely flat, check the table and field size is consistent, if the error is to be corrected.

    2-3 Must ensure that the gap between the table edge and the wall of 3.5mm, then to adjust and countertops installation of thermal expansion and contraction of stretch, and played quartz stone glue crevice.

    2-4 Will be placed after the table and back wall partial adjustment and modification, and tap to check whether there is vacant, the tiny floating in the bottom of the padded adhesive glue, we need to stop when serious irregularities installation, adjustment or trim cabinet countertop to level up.

    2-5 Good move adjustment countertops, quartz stone glue point is equal to the audience in contact with pad strip and kitchen plates.

    2-6 L-type table countertops or long surface bonding required in the site, if necessary, use two powerful jaws clamped and squeeze the gap, joints must be clean and dry, will bring glue evenly on lust seams of parts required, according to the table when you want to put the two front and rear rubbing table, will squeeze into tiny slits and tidy, and to ensure smooth between the two plates, use about 10-15 minutes after a small blade to scrape off the joints surface oozing glue.

    2-7 Glue to the back wall of glass bonding, and the back wall of the bottom evenly lecherous tone glass, plastic, the back wall will be put on the counter, then about rubbing the back wall, about 10-15 minutes to erase exuded glue.

    2-8 After about 10-15 minutes and other water or detergent wipe off the excess adhesive glue.

    2-9 Cohui seaming adhesives has a variety of colors available. Easy operation, strong bonding strength, highly color compatibility.